Mistress of Water


Outdated, needs conversion to DCA

Origin: Transformed

Prowess 4 Intellect 4 Stamina 9
Coordination 7 Awareness 4
Strength 3 Willpower 6

Specialities: Business, Underwater Combat

Powers: Aquatic 5, Element Control: Water(Attacking, Moving, Shaping) 6

  • Qualities: Identity: Resturaunteur
  • Challenges: Weakness: Dries Out

Undine is a mystery even to herself. Several years ago, a Coast Guard cutter pulled her out of the water in the middle of a massive storm. Even though she has metapowers, Undine prefers her life as the owner of ‘The Owl and the Pussycat,’ a bookstore & cafe on the Boardwalk.


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