Osanoko appears to be african asian with long flowing white hair and bright blue eyes; unless she is manipulating weather then her eyes are pure white.


Osanoko Adventurer-Goddess of Storms (Rage, Storms, Thunder and Lightning) Abilities (2 PP/1): Str 1, Sta 5, Agl 5, Dex 3, Fgt 3, Int 3, Awe 5, Pre 3

Complications: Acceptance (motive)-Feels isolated and does good to gain trust and acceptance of others. Prejudice (other)-Hates Mahosukai/Shadowlands (arcane magic/strange demonic appearance) and she is willing to kill them.

Defense (1 PP/1): Initiative (Agl) +, Dodge (Agl) +, Parry (Fgt) +, Fort (Sta) +, Tough (Sta) +, Will (Awe) +

Attacks (1 PP/1): Close Combat-Unarmed Combat (Fgt) +, Close Combat-Kenjutsu (Fgt) +, Ranged Combat-Elemental Control (Dex) +

Skills (1 PP/2): Acrobatics (Agl) +, Athletics (Str) +, Close Combat {Unarmed Combat (Fgt) +, Kenjutsu (Fgt) +}, Persuasion (Awe) +, Expert {Shadowlands (Int) +, Divine Magic (Int) +}, Investigation (Int) +, Ranged Combat {Elemental Control (Dex) +, Sleight of Hand (Dex) +}, Stealth (Dex) +, Technology (Int) +, Treatment (Int) +, Vehicles (Dex) +__

Advantages (1 PP/1): Close Attacks (Kenjutsu) +1 Defensive Roll: +1 Evasion Grab Finesse: Use dex Improved Initiative: +4 Itv Ranged Attacks (Element Control): +1 Uncanny Dodge: not vulnerable Benefit: Not photograph-able (blurred images) Fearless: Immune to fear Instant Up: stand up as a free action Trance Agile Feint: Use acrobatics for feint Artificer: Use magic to create temporary items Attractive Fascinate Hide in Plain Sight Languages: English (NL-Japanese) Ritualist: Use magic to create rituals

Powers (var): Strike (device): 1/1 *No-dachi Environment Control (weather): 1-2/1 *Blast (lightning/wind): 2/1 +Dazzle (thunder/lightning) – audio/visual: 2/1 *Energy Absorption (lightning): *Flight (wind): 2/1 *Deflect (wind): 1/1 Magic: 2/1 *Blast (divine): 2/1 {jade strike, fire from within, lightning, cone of cold} *Healing: 2/1 *Nullify: 1/1 *Protection: 1/1 *Senses: 1/1 *Summon: 2/1 Immortality: 2/1 Immunity: 1/1 *Weather, Age, Disease


Osanoko is from a land far away; in another dimension called Rokugan. She is the daughter of Storm Dragon and a mortal from the a different land. She grew up in a monastery surrounded by monks who worshiped Osanowo. She continued her training as a monk and developed extensive mystic abilities as a shugenja.

She continued her mystic talents and began adventuring across Rokugan. During her travels she met Mysteria who developed a curiosity in her abilities. After wards, she was summoned to earth and ended up in the city. She tried to leave, but Mysteria disappeared before she could send her back.

She has been helping humanity, but feels like an outsider. During violent weather events she is drawn to the needs of others through their prayers. She is usually drawn to the largest group of the most needy. She has been at some of the most largest natural disaster since the 1890’s when Mysteria summoned her. She has developed a sizable following that truly believe she is the goddess of storms. Unfortunately, the government has been trying to find her since she has appeared in a number of photographs, but all of the photos are distorted and she is only partially visible.

Currently, she is in the city helping were she can, but she stays always from metahumns because she does not fit in even with them.


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