Digital Diva


Outdated, needs conversion to DCA

Origin: Birthright

Prowess 3 Intellect 6 Stamina 10
Coordination 3 Awareness 5
Strength 3 Willpower 7

Specialities: Computers Expert(+2), Electronics Expert(+2)

Powers: Interface 7, Powered Wheelchair Device (Blast 4, mitigates Paraplegic)

  • Qualities: Epithet: The Digital Diva, Hacker Connections
  • Challenges: Paraplegic, Chip on Her Shoulder

Natsumi Campbell is the daughter of a US Marine and a Japanese industrialist’s daughter. They met while her father was stationed as an embassy guard in Japan. Her ability to control computers manifested itself when she was crippled in a traffic accident and she used every cellphone for three blocks to call for help.


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